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(Eventual live conversation will be implemented for this thread.)
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This is a title! Yay?

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I will eventually experiment with live posting (That is, behaving like a chat similar to Discord or an auto updating chat).

I am not sure if I wanna test and make it forum-wide or thread specific. For now, I may just keep it thread specific and only enabled by me. If the feature is desired for more threads, I may enable it forum or site wide like with an account setting. We'll see.

Oh and soon making messages will earn you some coins for your effort. Only actual content is counted and not stuff within HTML tags or bbcode tags, and also anything inside quoted text. I'll be experimenting with this old feature/system I made some years ago when I import it into the new system. The RPG system class already has the ability to calculate coins and also update/recalculate everyone's coins.

So I do hope this thread reaches you all well. Who shall be the first to reply to it? Who knows? I may experiment with this thread shortly and enable some future features.
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I shall look forward to the mortals attempting to solve a puzzle they cannot solve.

There are mysteries you cannot solve in one lifetime. Do you fools really think you can explore enough? I encourage you all to try and fail.
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