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Please read me first!
F.A.Q. relating the site will be here and known issues.
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Welcome! This site is still very much being developed! Lots of things to keep in mind as things are rather basic now.

If you'd like to make a feature request or report a bug, please do so in the Issues & Feature Requests subforum. Check out the stickies there for more information.

This forum is meant to allow people to comment on things regarding the site itself, rather than something code related which goes into the Issues & Feature Requests subforum.

So if you're wanting to see a certain event, or maybe even wish to give us an idea of what you'd like to see hosted here, please let me know. I am going to post a little introduction to the site and maybe it'll help give you an idea about what Scryforce is all about.

What is Scryforce?

I am glad you asked, random stranger! Scryforce is a site and community dedicated to having fun events and lore events tied to the story world I am building from/for my various games, including Laser Jam and Dungeon Dragon Warriors.

It is here where you'll find all sorts of information regarding the games and story in the forums and the custom built wiki. Some pages are protected, but much of it allows users to add to the wiki as they find out information. The wiki itself is built to be both uniform between the different games and also its own subspace. So you can see something like ?p=wiki&wiki=laserjam&page=ice to look up the ice tile or whatever, and also have the same page with different information in another game, like the RPG.

The system is very much a work in progress, so lots of it are up to be changed.

What is Laser Jam?

This platformer game features a variety of protagonists to escape a secret lab facility of sorts. The primary purpose is security testing, and it just so happens you're stuck in the middle of it. The different characters you can play as will determine your strengths and weaknesses playing through the platforming levels. Some have a smaller frame, faster speeds, better jumping ability, or even just plain immune to obstacles like lava.

More information shall be provided as I get everything ready. Please wait while I make the forum for this game.
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