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Welcome to Scryforce Dimensions!
Welcome to the site! The site is still being worked on. Please stand by!

Important News: Main page is less empty now!
Something more interesting?
I have decided to embed the Announcement forum threads/announcements on the main page. Something more than a mostly empty page now.


Expect some more changes there soon.
Posted by: - 01/09/2022 11:42:22 AM - 0 comments

News: Some recent additions
There's a lot of recent changes lately.

There's a WIP bbcode bar that will be more developed over time. And now moderators have the ability to edit threads, sticky, and close them. Soon things will be in a more complete state from the other site.
Posted by: - 05/25/2021 03:57:48 AM - 0 comments

News: A more official beginning
This site is more or less beginning now. I cleaned up some DB clutter. So enjoy this version of the site.
Posted by: - 03/03/2021 07:12:41 PM - 1 comment

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