09/21/2021 12:30:30 AM


Dungeon Dragon WarriorsScryforce
Question:How is attack calculated?
Answer:It is calculated in the following manner: attack-defense+peirce*

Peirce damage is only up to how much defense they have and is useless otherwise.
Question:What is pierce used for?
Answer:It bypasses defense, useful against high defense opponents or spells.
Question:Is this set in a unified universe or just various creatures?
Answer:This is a unified universe, yes. There is in fact story to the game. And to make it more fun, a game within a story, or a story within a story since there's Story Mode.
Question:What kind of cards can we expect to find? Such as particular themes? Fantasy based?
Answer:All sorts of various, but more or less focused mostly on fantasy, but that doesn't stop it from being a timeline split or something else to explain it. Of course, in Story Mode, most people think they're just cards but there's a story to be told even to them, and thus the rest of us as well.
Question:What are the more technical aspects like deck size/hand size limits/starting hand?
Answer:Well, deck size can be an interesting thing. I wanted to make a good few pros for wanting more deck size besides playing a long game of draining cards from your opponent's deck and thus make them lose the game ultimately. The standard deck is 40-60 cards. With Equip cards, you can make it up to 100. Now some creatures might become stronger the more cards you have in your deck or the more cards you used in your duel. Some creatures might even be more specific like how many dragons you have in play or played. There are a few other ideas that are less developed but I wanted to add some pros to having a large deck size to combat the con of "you have more cards and thus will unlikely find the card you really want".

Card uniqueness also has a factor to play because some cards might limit its unique all the way down to 1 per deck or allow up to like 5 or the normal rules of limits based on rarity.

Starting hand can be an interesting thing to consider, because once again, you have Equip Cards that can allow you to have up to 10, up from 6. And besides the obvious pro of not needing to discard as much or have more aces waiting to be played, some cards also get stronger based on cards you hold. And that pro of 4 extra cards might just power up or make certain need X cards to play that much easier to achieve.
Question:Perhaps you could have like some playstyles focus more on the Creature card gameplay and some focus on the equip gameplay more. Thoughts?
Answer:The fun part about the above, is the fact you are able to actually trick an opponent to think you might play a certain way based on publicly seen equip cards. So you might be able to mess with them and make them think you might be a LP using caster with higher HP or a high defense kind of player.

There's some strategies I've thought about based on a few examples alone. But I also like thinking of a deck a character from Story Mode might use. Because ultimately it is a set deck with a full plan in place rather than something cobbled together from various seemingly random cards designed. But who knows? Might mix and match a bit and beat even their deck.

So to answer above, yes, I have definitely thought about Equip Card gameplay.
Question:So will the game also be furry related or is it something separate?
Answer:You could say there's all sorts of creatures you can play in the cards. From dragons, lizardkin, avians, etc. The Story Mode will include a mixed variety of anthropomorphic characters and humans, so you could say yes and no. Variety is a spice of life after all.