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Dungeon Dragon WarriorsScryforce
First you will want to get properly decked out with cards. You will need a minimal of 40 cards, which can be increased up to 60 cards for a total of 100. You will want a proper balance of cards that suits your playstyle accordingly.

For example, you might not want to overload on spell or trap cards as you will need creatures to defend or do most of the damage in the first place. Creatures will keep you safe and less directly affected.

Now one type of card more unique to this game are Equip Cards. Equip Cards are cards you can equip to the player and customize your playing experience directly. That said, you of course have a limited amount of equip points.

Think of it as stat points for your character in D&D. You can increase your Life Points or Soul Power(and its rate per turn), how many cards you can hold (up from 6 to like 10), how many cards you can have in your deck max (up from 60 to 100), and much more that will be covered in another section.