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Dungeon Dragon WarriorsScryforce
What is Dungeon Dragon Warriors? It is a card game that will initially be playable online for a year before also becoming a physical printed card game as well. There will be a few pre-generations before the official Gen 1. Cards will likely change very frequently during the Prototype/Alpha/Beta phases, but once Gen 1 hits, it will be set in stone, more or less. However, cards can still receive updates if need be. Until printing occurs, there may be some infrequent updates for purely fixing potential balance issues and a couple of new cards released.

So you may be now asking, what games is it like? Well, I could make some comparisons, but I made this game specifically so it is easy to learn, but harder and more fun. You summon creatures and use spells and other abilities often through the use of "Soul Power" or SP. SP is your mana/magic of the game. You automatically generate some each turn (default 20). Now then, time to learn the fundamentals of the game.

This page is still being worked on and stuff added to it.

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